More graduates with a Bachelor in Business Administration become account execs

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A business account executive job offers challenges and growth potential

Business administration is quickly becoming one of the most popular business degrees for students looking for challenging and diverse career opportunities. A degree in business administration offers just that. Most degree programs provide students with a well-rounded educational experience with various required courses, including accounting, business law, marketing, management and more. Through this program, students are exposed to a variety of career options that may match up with their acquired skill sets and interests.

A bachelor in business administration will position you to acquire a job as a business account executive. A career as a business account executive is popular among business administration graduates due to its challenging nature and immense potential for growth.

Job Responsibilities of a Business Account Executive

  • A business account executive develops new business while maintaining current client relations. You must have a sales mentality for this line of work, as you are constantly selling your business to new as well as current clients.
  • Additionally, a successful business account executive must possess a strong communication skill set, including verbal and written proficiency. You must be able to effectively communicate with customers from various backgrounds and demographics in a variety of situations, including one-on-one sales calls and large group sales presentations.
  • Since a large part of the business account executive’s job is to go out and find new business, an account executive must be a motivated self-starter who takes the initiative to discover, develop and nurture lucrative business relationships.

Career Outlook for Business Account Executive

The future job outlook is positive for graduates looking to pursue a career as a business account executive with their bachelor in business administration degree. Positions are available at small to large companies in both nonprofit and for-profit industries. Most business account executives receive an average base pay of $45,000 with potential for bonuses for attracting new clients.

Start your journey toward a challenging and rewarding career by earning your bachelor in business administration degree.

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