Go Back to College and Earn Your Bachelor in Business Administration Online

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Degree program designed for distance learners returning to college

Many people often make the valiant effort to earn a college degree after they have graduated with their high school diploma and unforeseen circumstances have cut them short of achieving their collegiate goals. After spending some time in the workforce, many are drawn back to the collegiate learning environment to finish out their degree and discover new and advanced career opportunities. King College offers these students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor in Business Administration online degree, which eases the transition for adult learners returning to college.

A Degree Program Tailor-Made for Adult Learners

Making the decision to go back to school to complete a college degree takes dedication, focus and hard work. King College offers adult learners who have some college credits the unique opportunity to apply those credits toward their Bachelor in Business Administration online degree program, helping to accelerate their college education.

The Bachelor in Business Administration online degree focuses on core business competencies, preparing working professionals for a broad spectrum of careers requiring business, communication, critical thinking and leadership skills. Adult learners will be exposed to business fundamentals, including problem solving, analysis, research, ethical decision making, communication, economics and business plan development.

The design of the degree program allows you to apply your past and current business experiences to group discussions that experienced instructors facilitate for a practical learning experience. Exceptional curriculum and dynamic group discussions provide you with a hands-on educational environment where you can apply acquired knowledge and skills to your job and future career opportunities.

The Bachelor in Business Administration online degree program is designed to mirror the traditional classroom experience, ensuring students receive a quality degree rooted in academic excellence. King College’s Bachelor in Business Administration is offered in an accelerated format, putting you in a position to find new career opportunities sooner.