Give Your Career a Boost with a Bachelors in Business Administration

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Online Business Administration Degree positions graduates for management roles, higher earning potential

Do you continuously fall into a leadership role when working with a group or team? Do your opinions and ideas carry a lot of influence in your current work environment? Are you business savvy? Answering yes to these questions could be a sign that it is time to take control of your career and earn an online business administration degree in order to optimize your knowledge and talents and put them to work for you. The business administration degree is designed for professionals with exceptional financial, marketing and managerial skills and is your ticket for advanced career opportunities and a higher earning potential throughout your career.

More Than Just Another Degree

The business administration degree is more than your typical bachelor’s degree. It is an all-inclusive degree that gives you a comprehensive overview of various industries of the economy preparing you for a broad range of careers. You will be exposed to a variety of subject areas that will serve to develop your understanding of core business competencies and optimize your managerial and leadership talents. And, the degree carries tremendous value in the job market as employers recognize the level of business skills and aptitudes candidates possess after graduation. The bachelor’s degree also serves to build a solid educational foundation in which to pursue a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA), which will open even more doors of opportunity. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment rates for professionals with a Bachelors in Business Administration are expected to grow in the next decade giving you more job prospects after graduation.

Professionals with a business administration can also expect higher earning potential throughout your career with estimating the starting salary for a business administration professional reaching $43,000 while the mid-career average is $72,000. The site reports the highest earning potential is in managerial careers, including general manager, operations manager or human resources manager. Earning potential also varies according to location and the size of the company in which you are employed.

Enrolling in an online business administration degree is your first step in maximizing your potential and discovering exceptional career opportunities.