Finding Your Place With a Bachelor of Business Administration

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Earn a BBA for personal and professional growth

Within the decade, 63 percent of new jobs will require a college degree for entry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This shifting workforce has created a knowledge-based economy that depends on qualified and educated professionals to keep pace with a global marketplace. Finding your place in this new economy requires a college degree. Positioning yourself in the job market requires the versatility that comes from a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). 

More Than an Education

Students Bored in ClassroomA college degree provides you with more than just an education. It has real value in today’s workforce. From higher levels of job security and earning potential to enhanced personal well-being, a college education leads to exceptional benefits that you will feel throughout your lifetime. The BLS has conducted extensive research into the value of a college degree throughout a professional’s lifetime, measuring an assortment of variables. In terms of job security, the unemployment rate for professionals who have a bachelor’s degree is 5.6 percent lower than for those who forgo a college education and enter the workforce immediately after high school graduation. Professionals who have a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $27,000 more annually than high school graduates, which can add up to nearly $1 million more throughout their lifetime.

Benefits of a college education go beyond monetary ones. Multiple studies have shown the quality of life of college graduates far exceeds that of individuals who have limited education. College graduates are:

  • Less likely to be obese
  • More likely to engage in exercise and pursue an active lifestyle
  • More likely to vote
  • Less likely to smoke
  • More likely to spend time volunteering and donating their time to organizations

A Versatile Degree for a Diverse Job Market

The benefits of a college degree are undeniable; however, individuals considering going back to school to continue their education often struggle with choosing a degree. Finding your educational fit can seem overwhelming. Choosing a versatile degree is essential in today’s diverse job market. A Bachelor of Business Administration offers you career diversity and prepares you for a fast-paced business career in which you can take on a variety of roles. Find employment in business administration specializations such as:

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • And more!

Through coursework, students will garner skills applicable in today’s job market, including:

  • Problem solving
  • Business communications
  • Research and analysis
  • Decision making
  • Business plan development
  • And more!

Improve your standard of living and grow both professionally personally by earning a Bachelor of Business Administration.