Discover a Fruitful Career Path With a Bachelor in Business Administration

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Professional degree is valuable in today’s job market

Today’s workforce is growing increasingly competitive. New candidates are entering the job market daily armed with exceptional credentials and looking to land their dream job—and yours. Prepare yourself with stellar qualifications and skills that give you an edge on the competition, including a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA). This multipurpose degree can help you to stand out and gain the attention of employers and hiring managers.

The Makeup of a Bachelor in Business Administration

A business administration degree is built on core principles, including managing, planning and organizing both small and corporate businesses in markets across the country and around the world. The BBA is the epitome of the business degree, as it explores a broad spectrum of business competencies and helps to establish well-rounded business professionals. No matter which college or university you choose, the curriculum of a business administration degree is likely to cover the same core subject areas, including accounting, finance, business law, ethics, marketing and management. A Bachelor in Business Administration degree serves as the ideal platform for students who wish to continue their education and advance their future career opportunities by earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Professionals who earn a BBA are positioned to enter the workforce at management-level roles within various business departments, helping an organization to operate smoother and smarter.

A Brighter Future With a BBA

Earning your BBA can help you to discover a fruitful career in business. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the average annual salary for graduates who have a BBA nationwide is between $35,000 and $42,000. Professionals can expect to see higher earnings and advanced career opportunities as they gain additional experience and continue their education with a MBA. In fact, according to the BLS, professionals who have a MBA begin their careers with annual salaries ranging from $60,000 to $75,000.