Business Administration Degrees Deliver New Career Opportunities

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Versatile degree provides marketability in diverse job market

Landing a job in today’s stagnant economy takes experience, talent and, more than ever before, a college degree. For unemployed or underemployed professionals looking to enhance their marketability to secure a job, the right degree is essential. A Bachelors of Business Administration is a versatile degree that is relevant in today’s diverse job market. Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills that will get you hired.

The 411 on a Bachelors of Business Administration

The business administration degree is one of the most popular online educational programs that colleges and universities across the country offer. Students recognize its versatility, and employers appreciate the comprehensive education and variety of skills graduates bring to the work environment after earning their degree. You are immersed in a well-rounded mix of studies that include accounting, finance, management, marketing, information technology, human resources and more, and the degree provides you with developed communications and leadership skills so you are ready to take on management roles in an assortment of business sectors.

Career Landscape for Business Administration

Graduates who have a Bachelors of Business Administration degree have discovered a wealth of career opportunities after earning their degree. You will be uniquely qualified for a diverse range of career options because of your well-rounded educational experience. Many graduates also find themselves in leadership positions soon after entering the workforce because of their comprehensive understanding of multiple business sectors and operations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many top executives in today’s business environment have an educational background in business administration and are privy to six-figure earnings.

Online Education Provides Added Flexibility

Online education now plays an essential role in the higher education market, as it provides adult learners and nontraditional students with an outlet to earn their college degree. Many of these new students are choosing a degree in business administration because it provides them with a diverse set of skills and a comprehensive knowledge of core business competencies that help them land a new career.